1. Tracy Hamlin – Emotion (Reel People Remix)
2. Alicia Myers – Right Here Right Now (DJ Spen, Gary Hudgins & Thommy Davis Remix)
3. Two 4 Soul & Nontu Xulu – God Lives In Me (DJ Spen, David Anthony & Bennett Holland Revival Mix)
4. Kyle Kim feat. Gordon Chambers – This Is How We Do It (Luyo & Guitardalex Remix)
5. Giulio Bonaccio feat. Stephanie Cooke – What I Need (Kenny Carpenter Soul Edge Mix)
6. Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean (Mark Di Meo & Federico D’Alessio Remix)
7. Booker T vs. Inner Life – Your Love (Main Mix)
8. Rob Hayes feat. Ricardo Cassal – Love For Love (Original Mix)
9. Pray For More feat. Barbara Douglas – Already Inside Of You (Baseek Remix)
10. Natasha Watts feat. DJ Marcus – Takes Me Higher (Original Mix)
11. Faith Howard – One Day At A Time (OtherSoul Classic Mix)

1. The Funklovers & Mus-Threee – Mediterranean Dream (Original Mix)
2. Alankara & Jazzy D feat. Han Litz – Pacifique (Original Mix)
3. Seminal Grooves – Keep Me Up (Seminal Vocal Mix)
4. WVP presents Miles Numan feat. Edita Abdieski – Tropical Paradise (Original Mix)
5. Freak Do Brazil feat. Claudia Da Silva – Brazilian Rhyme (Stefano Gamma Meets Karis Extended Mix)
6. Mambana – Felicidad (John ‘Julius’ Knight’s Reversoul Mix)
7. Frank Degrees – O Samba E (Original Rough Mix)
8. Jensen & Reynolds feat. Isabel Fructuso – Don’t Cry
9. Rasmus Faber feat. Clara Mendes – Demanda (Original Mix)
10. Espirito – Canto De Orfeo (Gambafreaks Mix)

1. G.L.O – Don’t Take Me For Granted (Mark Stone Remix)
2. JC Unique – Together (Original Mix)
3. Dolls Combers & Dance4Daddy feat. Mercy – Make It Happen (Original Mix)
4. Tikyo feat. Barbara Tucker & The B-Crew – Back 2 Love (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
5. Joe Smooth feat. Paris Brightledge – We’ve Got To Love (Director’s Cut Signature Mix)
6. Nick Fiorucci feat. Carl Henry – You Belong To Me (Richard Earnshaw Exquisite House Mix)
7. Robin S. – Show Me Love (Tonka’s 2002 Club Mix)
8. Swing Kings – Get Into The Groove (Original Mix)
9. Warren Clarke & Tara McDonald – Love Crazy (Triple D Remix)
10. Locktown & Alexandra Prince – Alive (Original Version)

1. Hideo Kobayashi feat. Christa – Beautiful Moment (Market & 3rd Deeper Edit)
2. Papik feat. Ely Bruna – Special Love (Submantra Remix)
3. Esteban Garcia – Feel Free (Guido’s Afro Train Mix)
4. Afterlife – Never Before (Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto Mix)
5. Dolls Combers presents Venger Collective – 9′ Clock (Dolls Combers Soulful Mix)
6. Eugen Lisin feat. Alina – Out There (Original Mix – DJ Soulmate Re-Edit)
7. Espirito – Luna (Francesco Rossi Club Mix)
8. Mojo Project – Free (S.U.M.O. Vocal Bounce)
9. DJ Kawasaki feat. Emi Tawata – Into You (Soulful House Mix)
10. Natsuyo feat. Alexandra Prince – Rise Over (Original Mix)

1. Spiritual Blessings feat. Lisa Mayers – Not Only Human (MoWz & Sander Reblessed Mix)
2. Jay-J & Halo Varga with Latrice Barnett – Make My Heart (Original Mix)
3. Natasha Watts – Go Slow (Mark Di Meo Rework)
4. Tony Momrelle feat. Chantae Cann – Back Together Again (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
5. Jack & The Jerk – Miss Me (Original Mix)
6. Giulio Bonaccio feat. Melonie Daniels – Thank You (Mark Di Meo Classic Remix)
7. Distant People feat. Natasha Watts – Stronger (Guido P Remix)
8. Orange Muse feat. D’Empress – After All (Original Mix)
9. Louie Vega & Jay ‘Sinister’ Sealee Starring Julie McKnight – Diamond Life (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
10. Benjamin Diamond – In Your Arms (We Gonna Make It) (Joey Negro Z Mix)

1. Alexander O’Neal – Lord (Bah Samba Mix)
2. Pray For More feat. Emory Toler – Lift Up Your Hands (Alex Ander Soulful Bliss)
3. Minister Steve – I’ve Been Redeemed (Soulful Mix)
4. Jasper Street Co. – Reach (KC+ DFP Church Of Disco Mix Dj Friendly Mix)
5. Jasper Street Co. – Another Day
6. Bobby D’Ambrosio feat. Leah Joy – Testify (Sing) (Sacred Monster Original Mix)
7. Triple Dee & Cozzetto feat. Akira Dee – All You Need (Original Mix)
8. Candi Staton – Hallelujah Anyway (Director’s Cut Signature Praise)
9. Michelle Weeks – The Light (Jamie Lewis Main Mix)

1. Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat. Andrea Love – Call It Done (Ralf Gum Disco Attack Mix)
2. Federico D’Alessio feat. Sofia Rubina – Free (Mark Di Meo Vocal Mix)
3. Cafe 432 feat. Marcelle Duprey – More Than Lust (Original Mix)
4. Daniel Pearce – Suddenly Lovin’ (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
5. Bad 2 The Bone feat. Denise Gordon – Never Gonna Stop (Vocal Mix)
6. Andrea Erre & Ciskoman feat. Jenny Cruz – Burning Bridges (Pagany Back To Disco)
7. BC Groovin Society feat. A. Salih – City Lights (Vincent Kwok’s Classic Mix)
8. Morten Trust & Angie Brown – Keep Me Satisfied (Full Vocal Mix)
9. Jennifer Lopez – Love Don’t Cost A Thing (Full Intention Club Mix)
10. Jamiroquai – Love Foolosophy (Knee Deep Remix)

1. Alankara & Jazzy D feat. Lodewijk Van Gorp – Feel What We Have (Original Mix)
2. Mark Di Meo – A Gentleman’s Song FK (Mark Di Meo Soulful Mix)
3. Fabio Rochembach & Sheree Hicks – Take You Away (The Funklovers Extended Soul Mix)
4. Mark Di Meo feat. Sofia Rubina – Be Mine (Vocal Mix)
5. Seb Skalski feat. Whitney Houston – I’m Every Woman (Andrea Fiorino Can Cast A Spell Booty)
6. Groove Invaderz feat. Nicole Tyler – Keep Risin’ (Central Avenue Club Mix)
7. Earnshaw & Giles – Round & Round (Main Cut)
8. Rita Campbell & Chris Tall – Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair) (Original Mix)
9. Shane D feat. Andrea Love – What You Do To Me (Original Mix)
10. Cocolorez – You (Club Mix)

1. Luyo feat. Marica – Fire (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Mix)
2. Ralf Gum feat. Jocelyn Mathieu – Everything (Ralf Gum Main Mix)
3. Hardsoul feat. Amma – Don’t Let Love Weigh You Down (Main Mix)
4. Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat. Angie Brown – Attracted To You (Original Vocal Mix)
5. Groove Junkies pres. Diva 2 Diva – Didn’t I Bring You Love (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
6. Olga Makovetskaya feat. Incognito – Got To Keep Moving On (Ski Oakenful Remix)
7. Dubtribe Sound System – Autosoul (Rasmus Faber Remix)
8. DJ Fudge – Asikolo (Mark Di Meo Remix)
9. Nova Fronteira – Brothers From Rio (Original Mix)
10. RinneRadio – Kuvala (Spanish Fly Vocal Lounge Mix)

1. Lovebirds feat. Holly Backler – Give Me a Sign (Main Mix)
2. Cool Million feat. Nathalie Dorra – Going Out Tonight (A Tom Moulton Mix)
3. Philter King – My Love (Original Mix)
4. Cool Million feat. Laura Jackson – Lift Me Up (A Tom Moulton Mix)
5. Ear Funk feat. Ijeoma – Getaway (Extended Mix)
6. Nova Fronteira – Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Sean McCabe Remix)
7. Kenny Bobien – With All My Might (Sean McCabe Original Vocal Mix)
8. Stephanie Cooke & Groove Assassin – This Time (Vocal Mix)
9. Soulful Session starring Leanne – My Baby (Kenny Carpenter Classic Mix)
10. Tanja Dankner – Will I Ever (Jamie Lewis Classic Mix)
11. Cerrone feat. Nile Rodgers – The Only One (Jamie Lewis Club Mix)
12. Solsonik feat. Sabrynaah Pope – In Love Again (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
13. Bruno Mars – Treasure (Rob Hayes Club Edit)
14. Jody Watley – Nightlife (Original Mix)
15. Justin Michael feat. Jackie Wilson – Funky Love (Jay-J’s Shifted Up Mix)
16. Tracy Hamlin – Never Too Much (Spen & Thommy Club Anthem Mix)
17. Reel People feat. Angela Johnson – Can’t Stop (Dennis Ferrer’s Falling 4 U Mix)
18. Roberto De Carlo & Steven Stone feat. Seyla – Believe (Original Mix)
19. Alfredo Norese feat. Maxyne Ryan – Come On Over (Original Mix)
20. Kenshyro – Sky City (Marquito Mix)
21. Grant Nelson – The Sound (Matt Early Remix)
22. Yolanda Wyns – I Know You, I Live You (Joey Negro Revival Mix)
23. The Keith Thompson Project feat. India – Rhythm Of Life (UBP Classic Mix)
24. Richard Earnshaw – People Are People (Main Mix)
25. Richard Earnshaw & Angie Brown – Unbelievable (Original Mix)
26. Damien J. Carter feat. Darryl D’Bonneau – Climbin’ (Milk & Sugar Remix)
27. New City Hustlers – Your Nite (Original Mix)
28. Gramophonedzie – Number One (Mark Funk Super Disco Remix)
29. My NamE – La Celebrite (Original Mix)
30. Phats & Small – Change (Extended Mix)
31. N’dinga Gaba & DJ Spen feat. Marc Evans – Until You (Original Mix)
32. Maurice Joshua feat. Jean Davis – So Amazing (Maurice Joshua Extended Mix)
33. Wise D & Kobe – Pretty Baby (Original Mix)
34. Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson – Watchin’ (Club Mix)


The Great Galeri

Peter Safranyos aka The Great Galeri is a rising Hungarian soulful / funky house DJ and producer. His musical journey began in the late 90’s when he came across the unique sound of Frankie Knuckles, Pete Heller, Full Intention and Olav Basoski to name a few. In 1998, Pete Heller’s massive club hit ’Big Love’ was the track that introduced him to house music.

Needless to say, he instantly fell in love with the sound, which urged him to start discovering the house music scene and its roots. He had to dig deep, as far as the 1970s / 80s to discover the golden era of funk and disco, which ultimately led him to the roots of house music. The endless amount of incredible tracks from that time gave him a fresh perspective about emotional music.

Although, growing up as a young boy he was influenced by a number of different genres of electronic music, soulful and funky house music have had the biggest impact in forming his musical taste.

He’s got stuck with uplifting soulful and funky house music through the years, which he plays regularly in his monthly radioshow called ’Budapest Soulful & Funky Vocal House Sessions’ as well as at gigs. Sun-kissed beats, glamorous bar grooves, captivating vocals and luscious melodies are some of the key elements that represent his sound. His mixes take you on a blissful journey from timeless soulful house grooves to pulsating funky house rhythms, spreading a tempting vibe you can’t resist to dance to.


Do you want to book me to play at your party? Do you want me to prepare a guestmix for your radioshow? Are you enjoying my mixes and want to send feedback?

In any case, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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